The Heroes’ Tourney is a multiplayer arena brawling game for up to 4 players.

We are still in early development, so many changes will be made.
We are open to your feedback! We want to hear from you!


Art StylePlannedArt (Graphics)Classic superhero comic book art style. Characters will each have distinct color palettes that allow them to be easily distinguished at first glance and from a distance.
Unique CharactersPlannedCharacterCharacters with distinct visual styles and two unique powers. The powers will make use of the Y and B buttons, which are currently unused.
Post-Processing EffectsPlannedArt (Technical)The engine still needs support for this.
Custom Game ModesPlannedGame ModesPlayers can create and save their own game modes by customizing parameters of many different things. When you go to create a game mode, there will be two primary menu sections. The first will provide common/basic parameters such as time limit and number of lives. Through this menu, you will be able to access a second menu system with more advanced and detailed parameters. There will be A LOT of these advanced parameters.
Default Game ModesPlannedGame ModesThese will be modes that are created by us, the devs. They will be more tame and balanced. We may throw in some ridiculous ones though.
Random Game ModesPlannedGame ModesAn option to have the game pick a random game mode from the "Default" category, the "Custom" category, or both. random custom game mode, or a random game mode from both.
Randomized Game ModesPlannedGame ModesAn option to have the game choose random values for all customizable parameters. Any parameter can be marked as "ineligible for randomization". At the end of a match, you can choose to save the randomized mode as if it were a custom game mode.
Music ReworkPlannedAudioThe Chiptune vibe will likely not stay, as it probably won't fit the planned aesthetic. As far as what style it will be in, that remains to be seen.
Sound Effect ReworkPlannedAudioThe current sound effects were made with Bfxr, and were a last-minute addition for the original game jam. They will be greatly reworked to fit the planned aesthetic and to make the sound space less cluttered.